Pixel Tape & Modules

TLS's range of Digital Pixel tape has been designed by our comprehensive UK Technical Department allowing us to supply the very best in pixel technology. With all TLS pixel products our customers are able to control each pixel independently allowing for an endless array of effects and stunning lighting designs.

TLS are experts when it comes to the pixel technology and can offer impartial design & technical support. TLS understand the technology and can provide the best control systems for any project. 

With all TLS tapes, the Digital Pixel range of products are colour matched allowing you confidence that every product is the same colour.


WS2813 - The new protocol for digital pixel tape, this system creates a second line of data in case a singular pixel fails over time. This way the whole strip will not go down, just a single pixel, saving you time and money. Ask our sales team or technical experts for more information now - 01603 295 011 or technical@tl-sol.co.uk

LED Pixel Tape is now available in 12VDC with embedded IC WS2813

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