LED Tapes

All TLSPixelite tapes are colour matched with all LEDs binned the same allowing identical colour for every reel supplied.


TLSPixelite LED tapes use the very best in LED chips and genuine 3M (green) tape, IP66 rated heat shrink, not the traditional gel coated tapes which becomes brittle and discoloured over time. 

TLS provide single coloured tape in a variety of colours and brightness; RGB (Red, Green & Blue) & RGBW (Red, Green, Blue & White) colour changing options; DW (Dual White) allowing adjustments between cold white and warm white; RGB DW (Red, Green, Blue, PW & WW). 


Additionally TLSPixelite are able to supply custom tapes if required (MOQ).

With the higher wattage tapes TLSPixelite recommend that they are fixed to some form of heat sink to dispensate the heat and prolong their life.

Our standard LED tapes have a CRI of 80.

We can supply CRI 90 & 95 if required  

  Single Colour 4.8 watt Single Chip

  Single Colour 14.4 Watt Single Chip

  Dual White LED Tape 2 In 1 Chip

  RGB 3 In 1 Chip

  RGBW 4 In 1 Chip

  RGB-DW (Dual White) 5 In 1 Chip

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