TLSPixelite are authorised distributors for Mean Well power supplies. Please call our sales team for more information

ELED – Triac (T) / Dali (D) / 0-10 (V) - Dimmable | Enclosed Metal Casing | IP66 (Indoor and Outdoor Use)

 Great for outdoor use or dimming use


LPV – Non-Dimmable | Plastic Casing | IP67 (Indoor and Outdoor Use)

Great for low wattage indoors and out


ECP –  Non-Dimmable | Plastic Casing | No IP Rating (Indoor Use)
Great for smaller projects


RSP – Non-Dimmable | Metal Cage | No IP Rating (Indoor Use)

Great for bigger projects


HLG – Non-Dimmable | Enclosed Metal Casing | IP67 Rated (Indoor and Outdoor use)

Great for high wattage indoors and out

Triac – Digital high-speed oscillation ( cuts the waveform at a certain point to control power output ) ( A.K.A Mains Dimming )

Dali – Digital Dimming ( [Dah-lee]  Digital Addressable Lighting Interface )

0~10 – Analogue Dimming ( for use with a potentiometer )

TLSPixelite Products like the PixNet for example only contain Mean Well power supplies, we prefer to use this brand as a standard due to the reliability and performance. 

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